Grief & Healing

Resources for Parents and Educators


Christian radio station KLTY in Dallas is sponsoring and promoting free licensed professional counseling through ChristianWorks for Children for those families affected by the shooting and the first responders impacted in the response. ChristianWorks is also reaching out to schools, churches and community leaders offering free counseling promoted by KLTY. We offer counseling for children, teens and adults from any background. Working with Amy Andrews, Counseling Coordinator in Wylie ISD, we are making known this opportunity to all staff and families at Cox and in Wylie ISD impacted by this tragedy.

That same opportunity is available for anyone at the Cross Church needing professional therapeutic help in navigating through the mental and emotional consequences of this horrific act.

You can find them at . The KLTY link to their web site is .If someone is in need of help they just need to call 972-960-9981,  ask for counseling, and mention the KLTY promotion to the intake counselor.