Stock Donations

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax effective way to make a gift to the church. Gifts of appreciable assets not only qualify for a charitable deduction, but may also reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes. Any discussion of tax treatment is not intended and should not be considered as tax advice. Pleases consult your tax professional or financial planner for advice.

Stock Donation Instructions

Step 1
Contact your broker or financial advisor and provide the following information about the church:

Schwab Account Name and Address:      The Cross Church, 100 N. First Street, Wylie, TX 75098

Schwab Account #: 7708-5414

DTC (Depository Trust Company) #: 0164

Code: 40

Schwab Mailing Address: P.O. Box 982600, El Paso, TX 79998


If your broker or financial advisor needs additional information or has any questions, please ask them to contact:

Lisa Gatzke
Rockwall Wealth Management, Inc.
301 North Goliad, Rockwall, Texas 75087
Local: 972-771-1472

Step 2

Complete the following to ensure your gift is properly identified and recorded on your contribution statement:

Please email or call us at 972-442-2261 with any questions.