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Play. Learn. Grow.

Our Approach

Our Early Learning Academy  theme-based curriculum provides activities which are age appropriate and designed to help each child grow and develop socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually. Through active play and involvement with their environment, they gain new understanding of the world around them in a loving and safe environment.



Start the year with naps at different times, no schedules. End the year with an afternoon nap, starting to sit at tables.


Monkeys, Zebras, and Elephants. Starting to understand being a part of a class. Goes to music class and spanish class.


Owls, Giraffes, Lions, Penguins. Chapel lots of activites throughout the year.


Koalas. Kinderbridge for 5+ getting ready for Kindergarten ready but not ready. Taught by certified teacher.

It's All in the Details

Daily report card

Multiple indoor and outdoor age specific playgrounds 

Themed days/weeks throughout the year

School Picture Day

Birthday celebrations

Spirit Nights

Curriculum based on developmental age

10ft fence around outdoor playground

Building security

Music Class/Chapel

Spanish Lessons

Daily Facebook Class Pictures and Updates

Hear From Our Amazing Parents


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